ta lo ne as it is presented on this website was created in a few hours' time. However, the idea of a very small, concise, but meaningful constructed language had been brewing for years in its creator Brian's mind ever since he became interested in linguistics, conlangs, and all of that good stuff.

Finally, after much contemplation and trials, Brian put together ta lo ne's vocabulary and the grammar and syntax kind of just fell into place. Brian would like to thank the following people for inspiration:
  • Sonja Elen Kisa for creating the more well-known toki pona (here), and for ideas and wisdom
  • Arpee, aka arpee9216 (on YouTube), for ideas from bon wen (here), puna (here), and pulu (here)
  • "Pafu", creator of Esata (here), for the idea of monosyllabic words for concise understanding
  • All the other conlangers and people on the Internet, especially on the toki pona (janKipo, janKuti...)
  • My family and friends for listening to all my blabbing about languages

About Brian, creator of ta lo ne

Name: Brian Greco
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 14
Favorite Natlangs: Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Hawaiian, Balinese, Portuguese
Favorite Conlangs: Esperanto, Volapük, Glosa, toki pona, Lingua Franca Nova, Interlingua
Favorite Fruits: ataulfo mangoes, bananas, medjool dates, green grapes
Other Interests: low-fat 80-10-10 raw veganism (just look above or google it), Internet and web design (yes, I know I used Weebly, but I do code), photos, swimming, cello, Gregg shorthand, plants
Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?: YouTube, all the way. 
Where I see myself in 10 years: Living in Hawaii in an eco-house & growing my own fruit
Email me: here, I'd love to hear from you!