Phrases and Texts

Here are some sample phrases and translated texts to help you get a feel for ta lo ne.

Some Handy Phrases (English / ta lo ne / Literal Meaning)
  1. Hello or Goodbye          mu                         'good' (like "aloha")
  2. How are things?            ta ma mu?             'life' 'time' 'good'? 
  3. I am (not) well.              (ni) mu.                  ('no') 'good'.
  4. Where are you from?     la pa me?              'experience/past' 'location' 'question'?
  5. I am from ___. You?      la pa ___. te?         'experience/past' 'location'___. 'you'?
  6. Thank you.                   ko mu.                    'with/togetherness' 'good'.
  7. (You're) welcome.         no (or ma) mu.        'come' ('happen') 'well/good'.
  8. What is your name?      ne te me?              'call/speak' 'you' 'question/what'?
  9. My name is ___.           ne ___.                   'call' (me) ___.
  10. You are a nice person.   te mu ta.               'you' 'good' 'being/human'.
  11. Do you like languages?  ne ku ko te?          'language(s)' 'nice/pleasing' 'with' 'you'?
  12. Yes, I study ___.           pa. mo nu ___.       'yes/exists'. 'take in/receive' 'knowledge' ___.
  13. I am going (home).         le pa (ta pu).          'go' 'place/location' ('human' 'love/affection').
  14. What happened before?  me ma la?             'what' 'occur/happen' 'past'.
  15. Let's speak ta lo ne.       ko ka ne ta lo ne.   'with' 'togetherness' 'speak' [ta lo ne].
Remember, these are only some ideas. Be as creative as you like with the meanings in ta lo ne.

An Original Sample Text (ta lo ne / Literal Meaning / Loose Translation into English)

po po ta ne ko ti. lo mu tu pa ko ta ni pe. ni nu lo ko le. mu pa ku. ta nu ne po ko ni po. ta ni pe ti.

'much' 'much' 'human/being' 'speak' 'using/with' 'obscurity'. 'think' 'good' 'give' 'using/with' 'human/being' 'not/no' 'need/want'. 'know' 'not' 'reason/method' 'with/for' 'to do' (this). 'simple/good' 'has/is' 'beautiful'. 'people' 'ability/can' 'speak/communicate' 'much' 'using/with' 'not' 'much'. 'human/being' 'not' 'need' 'superfluity/obscurity/excess'.

Many people speak with obscurity. (They) think it good to use what is not really needed. (One can) not know the reason for doing (this). Simple is beautiful. People can communicate much using not much at all. Humans don't (always) need excess.

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